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"Igniting Minds, Transforming Media - Where Unveiling Fuels Creativity."               

-Awakend Studios


Our mission is to inspire higher states of consciousness through powerful, thought-provoking, and innovative media programming, crafting captivating content. Our futuristic approach challenges the status quo, empowering individuals, while our unwavering commitment to community fuels positive transformation. 

We partner with forward-thinking brands, helping them authentically connect with their audiences and create more significant impact in the world.


Who Are We

Awakend Studios was founded on the belief that media wields great power to shape minds and hearts. We have a profound love for storytelling and human connection. We're on a mission to shift the culture by creating more empowering media. Our core values revolve around faith, integrity, family, innovation, and growth. We aspire to be the transformative force in every home, awakening humanity through the art of storytelling.


Awakend Studios is dedicated to more than just storytelling; we're committed to creating a positive impact. To fulfill this commitment, we donate 2% of our proceeds to charitable causes. Let's team up and make the world a better place.


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